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Meet Lili


Lili Chin was born in Malaysia and lived in Sydney for 20 years, before moving to Hollywood in the early 2000's to work on "Mucha Lucha" - a Warner Bros. masked-wrestling children’s TV series that she co-created.


These days, Chin's Doggie Drawings brand is best known for all things dog-related. Her "Dogs of The World" poster series is a global hit, and her licensed designs have found their way into paper goods, puzzles, and cozy pet blankets.


When Chin is not making stylized prints and gift products for sale, she creates infographics for veterinarians, shelters, and companion animal trainers who advocate for humane training methods and animal welfare.


In her spare time, Lili enjoys collaborating with Yokai Parade, listening to animal training and behavior science podcasts, and playing modern board games. She lives in Los Angeles and is parent to Boogie, a rescued blue-eyed Boston terrier (2004-2020), and Mambo and Shimmy, two rescued cats.

The best way to reach her is by email.

She is represented by Lilly Ghahremani, Full Circle Literary.

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